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Which orthopedic pillow is better made of polyurethane foam or latex?

Manufacturers use different materials as a filler for orthopedic pillows. The most popular models are made of latex and polyurethane foam. Both options have high orthopedic properties and do not cause allergies.

Latex pillows are more expensive than analogues of polyurethane foam. However, both materials have their pros and cons, which is important to consider when choosing, focusing on their own preferences and needs.
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Polyurethane foam pillows. 

Polyurethane foam is a synthetic filler that has been widely used in various fields. It is a derivative of petroleum products. It has the structure of foamed plastic.

It has the following main advantages:

– Hypoallergenic. Eliminates the risk of dust mites, which in most cases, and there are allergic reactions.
– Elasticity. A large number of bubbles in the elastic shell of polyurethane foam provides a spring effect, which has a positive effect on orthopedic properties.
– Low price. Polyurethane foam models are among the most affordable. A good option with a limited budget.

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But, the filler has not high enough orthopedic characteristics. Not very well supports the head and neck, which is fraught with pain. After a few years of operation, it is pushed through and becomes unusable.

These pillows serve an average of 4-5 years. After this period, the process of destruction of the material begins. Polyurethane foam loses its elasticity, it appears dents, which reduces the quality of sleep. This often leads to headaches after rest.


It is recommended to store the product in a dresser, linen drawer or other furniture set. Do not allow direct sunlight, ultraviolet light significantly accelerates the process of destruction of polyurethane foam.

The material accumulates moisture, which negatively affects the level of hygiene. polyurethane foam is quite difficult to clean. The special structure of the filler leads to the need for periodic washing in dry cleaning. At home, it is almost impossible to completely clean polyurethane foam.

Latex pillows

Natural latex is one of the most effective, practical and durable pillow fillers. But, it has a much higher cost due to the high cost of raw materials and production technology. Have received much less distribution precisely because of the prices that are not available for many.


The key advantages of the material include:

– High orthopedic characteristics. It has excellent elasticity and elasticity. Provides reliable support for the spine, head and neck.

– Hypoallergenic. Pathogens do not live in latex. For people suffering from asthma or other allergies, latex pillows are recommended.

-Poorly absorbs moisture. The latex practically does not accumulate moisture contained in the air, because the material is well ventilated due to the large number of micro-holes in the structure. This keeps the freshness and pleasant smell.

– Long service life. A high-quality product with a latex filler can last at least 30 years. During operation, the shape of the product practically does not change, the pillow fully retains its orthopedic properties.

Easy to care for. To maintain the product in a hygienic condition, simply wash the cover regularly.

Some people note not very pleasant smell from new products, reminiscent of milk. This is a feature of the chemical composition of latex. But, after a couple of weeks, this smell completely disappears.

Comparison of characteristics of foam and latex pillows. 

For comparison of pillows from these materials it is necessary to be guided by such criteria:
– Orthopedic effectiveness.
– Life.
– Security.

According to orthopedic properties, latex is much more effective, longer retains elasticity and elasticity. The filler supports the head much better. To rest on such a pillow is much better than on the analogue of polyurethane foam.

Both materials are safe enough for humans. Latex and polyurethane foam do not emit toxic substances, although they have a synthetic nature. They do not create a favorable environment for the development of harmful microorganisms. But, polyurethane foam actively accumulates moisture, which is possible not only the appearance of unpleasant odors, but also the development of bacteria. Therefore, models made of polyurethane foam need to be carefully cared for.

Which pillow to choose?

Choosing an orthopedic pillow, you should focus on your needs and budget. The best option is a product made of latex. But, not everyone can afford such a model because of the high cost. Therefore, it is also important to consider how the product is used.

If you expect daily use of the pillow, it is better to give preference to the latex model. Despite the high cost, the investment is repaid by a long service life. Even after a few decades, the pillow will retain its properties and appearance. You may only need to replace the cover.

Polyurethane foam models are more suitable for irregular use. For example, you can buy such a pillow for traveling. With infrequent use, the product will last long enough. Analogues of polyurethane foam is also better to buy for the arrangement of temporary guest seats.
For continuous use, it is recommended to choose models made of latex. These pillows are more comfortable, provide quality rest due to the correct support of the cervical spine and head. The product is guaranteed not to cause poor health after sleep.

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