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The human body, whose work is associated with a long sitting on a chair or chair requires special attention and care. His health depends on how comfortable the seat will be. Of course, after a hard day, you can visit the gym and stretch your frozen muscles. However, not everyone has this opportunity, so the best solution in this situation is an orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair.

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Why do I need it?

Orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair is a litter of different shapes, which has a special filler to give the seat optimal rigidity and correct position of the spine. It is suitable for any chair, whether it is an office, computer, the most common wooden or car chair.

This product is able to save a seemingly healthy person doing work sitting at a table from painful sensations in the pelvis or lower back associated with constant tension of the spine.

In addition to pain, an orthopedic pillow helps relieve numbness of the limbs and swelling of the legs.
In itself, such a product is not a therapeutic pill, but it is recognized as an effective prevention, relieving the body of blood stagnation in the pelvis, normalizing the work of the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to the orthopedic seat cushion, the possibility of pinching the nerve endings is eliminated.

This pillow can give a low-quality and uncomfortable chair more or less comfortable conditions necessary throughout the day. Unlike uncomfortable furniture, it has the correct distribution of pressure on the coccyx, sciatic nerve and hip joints. Sitting on such a pillow helps to relieve muscle tension, unloads the genitals and gives the correct posture.

The seat cushion with orthopedic effect helps to improve concentration and improve the overall performance of the user.

The sitting position is not natural for the body. In this position, the spine is subject to the maximum abnormal load, and the internal organs of the pelvis do not receive blood supply in the desired volume, which leads to General discomfort. Orthopedic pillow is the “right” addition to the chair, in contrast to the usual foam analog.

Who needs it?

A useful orthopedic pillow is shown to different categories of users. However, you can not buy it just because you want to: initially, you need to consult a neurologist. Basically, the use of such a product is associated with the specifics of the work or disease, due to which a person can not move in the desired volume.

The number of users who need such a thing includes:

– schoolchildren;
– students;
– office worker;
– Secretaries;
– programmers;
– aircraft pilots;
– bus drivers, truckers.

Those who do not have the opportunity to use such a thing outside the house, can provide maximum comfort and gentle atmosphere in the walls of their own homes in the evening, coming from work or school.

For medical reasons such a thing is irreplaceable:

– in the last stages of pregnancy and in the first two or three months after birth;
people with an injury of the coccyx (actual after operations on the pelvic organs);

– those who have a violation of posture (helps to straighten the shoulders);

– customers with systematic lower abdominal pain;

– patients with prostatitis,

– osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids;

– persons with disabilities using a wheelchair.

This kind of thing is really good for the spine. Due to the load distribution mechanism, the weight of the user’s body will not press only on one point: it will be distributed over the entire surface of the pillow. One of the advantages of this product is to prevent the formation of bedsores in immobilized people. A useful pillow allows you to get the maximum possible comfort in the chair.

The group of orthopedic seat cushions does not include inflatable models: they do not have an orthopedic effect. In addition, rubber is harmful to health. Even if you consider that such models can have any size, be equipped with a textile cover made of cotton and cost expensive, this does not make them useful for health.

Pros and cons

Orthopedic pillow for sitting on a chair is a unique functional thing. It can be simple or with an anatomical type of surface. With the simplicity of the design it has a lot of advantages:

– it can be of different shapes-round in the form of a ring with a Central hole, square, oval, rectangle, letter ” V ” shape, triangle with two sidewalls-limiters, with a thickening or relief surface, wedge-shaped, which allows you to choose an option for a specific or universal chair;

– depending on the model, there are different sizes, so you can buy a compact mobile version for work;

– can be used alone or paired with a chair back pad that relieves pressure on the spine and controls posture;

– quietly placed in the car, correcting the correctness of the seat, while having a nice design;

– it is made of hypoallergenic material with a “breathable” structure, moisture resistance and dust-repellent coating, so it is suitable for all users without exception, including Allergy sufferers;

– normalizes blood flow, being an excellent help in the rehabilitation period when healing wounds (injuries);

– due to the lack of large internal cavities does not accumulate dust, which eliminates the appearance of dust mites that provoke allergies and itching;

– it has a pleasant to the touch texture of the material, long service life, being strictly functional addition to the chair, adapting to any type of surface (can be used at home and at work);

– saves a person from the slightest overload and fatigue in the postoperative period, reducing the load on the intervertebral discs and can prevent many diseases of the musculoskeletal system (curvature, posture disorders, scoliosis, etc. );

– it has a unique modern stuffing of the inner part, due to which the support of the spine is correct, differs in convenience and comfort;

– relieves the user from the need to buy expensive drugs analgesic action, often negatively affecting the health of the stomach and, unlike drugs, has no side effect;

– contributes to less fatigue of the user, which has a beneficial effect on the work of all internal organs and the body as a whole;

– regardless of the type of filler always takes its original form without pressure for 5-10 years (the service life of each packing is individual).


The main types of orthopedic seat cushion filler are materials developed using the latest technologies. Some of them are successfully used in the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses, have excellent elasticity, elasticity, surface stiffness and orthopedic effect. Conditionally, pillows can be divided into two types: those that adapt to the human body and those that have to adjust themselves.

Most often in the production of orthopedic pillows companies use:

– natural latex-a layer of elastic filler from the production of tree SAP tropical hevea tree, having a small-cell structure with holes of different depths and diameters for multi-level support of the spine;

– artificial latex-fine-porous polyurethane foam type HR with latex impregnation, analog of natural latex without cells;

– viscoelastic foam-a unique material with memory effect, able to remember the user’s comfortable posture when heated and returns to its original shape when cooled.

In addition, polyester is used in production.

The base materials are tested, they are antibacterial and have certificates of compliance with hygiene standards, so they are harmless to humans.

Even with increased use in such products will not create an environment for the appearance of fungus or mold. These orthopedic pillows are durable, they provide a different weight load (up to a maximum of 120 kg) and depending on the type of filler may differ in height and degree of rigidity.

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Orthopedic pillow is not able to cure a person of existing diseases. It is perfectly placed on a chair and is a supporting support under the buttocks. Such a product is not bought spontaneously:

you need a doctor’s recommendation in accordance with medical indicators.

It is important not to forget: even using a useful pillow, you can not do without movement, otherwise after three or four hours, the tension in the back will begin to hint at itself with aching pain.

Unfortunately, on the market of such products there are models that do not meet the requirements for such pillows. Not every item offered for purchase has a properly designed form, so it is difficult for the user to choose an option for their weight.

Products with ordinary class “T” foam are not orthopedic, since the sponge-like layer of packing does not have an orthopedic effect. All he can do is soften the hard base of the chair.

The main part of the lines are models without a removable cover. This makes it difficult to care for the pillow and requires more careful operation. These products are not intended for Pets. Washing such pillows is difficult: they can not be twisted, dried on a rope, use heating devices to accelerate drying.


How to use it?

To sit on an orthopedic pillow was correct, you need to take into account the size (should not be larger than the seat of the chair), the shape of the model, the rules of use, otherwise you can harm your health, exacerbating the problem.
An important nuance is the degree of rigidity of the surface on which the pillow is purchased. If it is soft, the pillow will be of little use: it is suitable for rough and moderately hard types of surface. If the chair or chair is soft, the pillow of a small thickness may bend, which will not save the pelvic veins from being squeezed.

In models with anatomy, everything is clear: their relief indicates the correct location of the body. Do not experiment by changing the position of the back and front parts: this will not give the desired effect. If you want full back support, you should additionally get a lumbar pillow-pad, putting it under your back on an office chair or chair. Using two pillows at the same time is more effective: it will allow you to observe orthopedic posture.
On the pillow sit so that you do not feel the pressure on the perineum. You can’t move on your side. In models with sidewalls and a hole in the center of the back part is turned to the back, the sides should be at the same level (symmetrically with respect to the back): so the body will be located exactly.

Another nuance is the degree of convenience: if the landing is uncomfortable, it is a sure sign that the user is sitting incorrectly. For those who want to buy an orthopedic pillow for the first time, but are afraid that they will not be able to learn to sit correctly, you can buy an anatomical version of a rectangular shape made of latex. This is the best option from the line of orthopedic pillows.

Top 5 Orthopedic pillows for sitting

Kieba Hemorrhoid Treatment Donut Tailbone Cushion, Prostate Pillow, Pregnancy, Post Natal, Bed Sores, Coccyx, Sciatica, 18 Inches. Ultra Premium Comfort Foam (Black)

Dual Comfort Cushion Lift Hips Up Seat Cushion, Beautiful Buttocks Latex Cushion Orthopedic Posture Correction Cushion for Relief Sciatica Tailbone Hip Pain Fits in Car, Home Office

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion – Non-Slip Orthopedic Gel & Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion for Tailbone Pain – Office Chair Car Seat Cushion – Sciatica & Back Pain Relief

Socket Seat – Memory Foam Sit Bone Relief Cushion for Butt, Lower Back, Hamstrings, Hips, Ischial Tuberosity

Coccyx Seat Cushion – Comfortable Gel Orthopedic Memory Foam Relieves Back, Sciatica and Tailbone Pain Great Seat Pillow for Office Chair Car Seat, Wheelchair, Plane

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