Is it good to sleep without a pillow




Many disputes now arise because of the answer to the question “sleeping without a pillow is useful or harmful”. Sleep is one of our basic needs, and we sleep for almost a third of our lives. So let’s see in detail what kind of sleep-without a pillow or with it-is better for full rest and health, rather than undermining it.

A person can fall asleep in absolutely any position if he feels tired and exhausted. But to fall asleep is one thing, but how a person will sleep, in what state he will Wake up – this is a completely different matter.

Not so long ago, it was very fashionable to sleep on a completely flat surface, this was even welcomed by doctors. However, today there are more and more supporters of the radically opposite opinion. Let’s look at both situations from all sides.

Can we sleep without a pillow

First, let’s remember the lessons of anatomy, or rather, the structure of our spine. It is S-shaped, not straight. So, in a relaxed state, the spine should be in this position-without additional muscle tension. Let’s pay attention to the position of the head. Without a pillow, it is on a level with the body. Proponents of this type of sleep claim that in a dream on a perfect flat surface:

1.the vertebral column is in its” native”, comfortable state;
2.internal organs rest freely, not squeezed, not pinched;
3.each muscle is relaxed, allowing the body to fall asleep faster;
4.the head does not rise above the body, therefore, the skin will not stretch, will not SAG, will not appear on the face of facial wrinkles;
5.the chin will remain taut, evenly defined, that is, the oval of the face “will not float”.

Every opinion has a right to exist. There are many people who prefer to sleep in this position. They sleep well, Wake up cheerful and energetic.

The benefits and harms of not having a pillow

In short, the benefits of sleeping without a pillow have already been considered. Now let’s talk about the harmful moments of such rest in detail-separately for different parts of the body.


To prevent the head from hanging below the level of the spine, the neck muscles during sleep are in constant tension, supporting it-as much as possible. It turns out that after sleeping without a pillow, in the morning a person gets up completely rested, but broken and tired. During the day, energy is spent faster, and the person again experiences fatigue. If you regularly sleep without a pillow, you will experience chronic fatigue.

Since the neck muscles can not fully maintain the correct position of the head, then gradually the spine changes its position. Over time, its curvature is observed, hence more serious health problems.

Because of the unnatural posture, the vertebrae no longer receive the necessary nutrition, as a result, the tissues and joints gradually dry up. This can cause degenerative disc disease. When it appears, it is almost impossible to cure it – it remains only to improve health. Therefore, it is better to avoid the appearance and development of this disease.

Blood vessels and the brain

Blood rushing to the brain, due to the wrong position of the neck and head, has an adverse effect on both the functioning of the brain and the state of blood vessels.

Your head is heavy in the morning – it is possible that you will get a headache, which in the future may cause chronic headaches and migraines.

Vessels also experience increased stress, and therefore damage to their walls can be formed, which is fraught with hemorrhage in the brain. And this is a micro-stroke – some brain cells die, there are prerequisites for a real stroke.


Appearance in the morning, after sleeping without a pillow, also please, most likely will not:

swollen face due to a rush of blood to the brain;
bags under the eyes;
swollen eyelids;
tired, crumpled appearance – in a dream, you unconsciously put your hand under your head. As a result, the skin will shrink, crumple, and the hand will become numb.

This is only part of the disadvantages of sleeping without a support under your head.

A complete picture and a better understanding of whether sleeping without a pillow is harmful or useful will give a General list of the” pros “and” cons ” of this type of sleep below.

Cons: a Rush of blood to the brain: the emergence of migraines, mini-strokes, stroke.
Osteochondrosis, scoliosis.
Discomfort, fatigue.
Stale appearance: bags under the eyes, swollen eyelids.
Wrinkles, the second chin.
Snoring, coughing.
Swollen hands.

Pros: the Ability to cure some diseases of the spine.
Correct formation of the spine shape in newborns.
Getting rid of facial wrinkles and the second chin.

It is easy to notice that the ” pluses “are much less than the”minuses”. It is also worth considering the fact that there is still no official confirmation that the second selection will “go away”, and facial wrinkles will be delayed with the appearance if the pillow is excluded during sleep.

We conclude that you can not sleep without a pillow at all, even if it is prescribed by a doctor! It is best to buy an orthopedic cushion or a pillow under the neck, otherwise there is nothing to dream about resting the body during sleep.

When is it recommended to sleep without a pillow

If we are talking about small children, especially babies, there are no different options. Newborns can only sleep without a pillow!

Why? It’s all about the structure of the spine. An adult person eventually develops lordosis (a kind of curvature of the vertebral column), which during sleep requires a small pillow or support for the head. In newborns, the back is absolutely straight, they do not need to support the neck. Without a pillow, babies correctly form all the curves of the vertebral column, strengthen the neck muscles – this means that their health is laid from the first days of life.

Babies should sleep without a pillow for up to 6 months, then they are recommended to put a diaper under the head, folded several times. And from the 1st year they can fall asleep on a low flat pillow, preferably – orthopedic. It is very easy to buy them now – a large selection is presented in specialized stores.

In addition to small children, for various reasons, doctors prescribe such a dream for scoliosis and displacement of the cervical vertebrae.

It is difficult to say whether this really works, so do not abuse such a dream. Minuses in a dream without a pillow are clearly more than pluses, and the latter do not look convincing and impressive enough to decide on such experiments.

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