How to wash and care for a latex pillow



Latex pillows are becoming more and more popular in home use. But not everyone knows how to take care of them. In this article you will find detailed information on the care of products made of this unique natural material.

How to care for a latex pillow

These products are rapidly gaining popularity among consumers. They have a considerable list of useful properties: safety for Allergy sufferers; they do not breed bacteria, mites and microbes; they do not absorb sweat; they provide orthopedic support for the head and neck during sleep and rest.

But in order for the latex pillow to last as long as possible, you must follow some rules for care:

  • time to change the pillow cases;
  • clean and wash if necessary;
  • do not expose to strong breaking loads;
  • avoid contact with sharp objects.

It is not recommended to store latex pillows in the factory packaging. Storage temperature range: -40 to +40°C.

Can I wash a latex pillow

Natural latex products cannot be washed in automatic washing machines. And, as a rule, the manufacturer indicates on the product that it is strictly forbidden to do this. Since the material is very delicate and requires appropriate conditions, it can only be washed properly with your hands.

How to wash

It is best to use dry cleaning services for washing latex products. But if this is not possible, you can wash the pillow at home:

  • Washing in the washing machine. This method is not safe and can be used at your own risk. Wash the product only on a delicate mode without using dry powders. Otherwise, the latex may crumble, and the pillow will lose its appearance and properties.
  • Hand wash. Produced in soapy water. This is the most common and suitable method for latex pillows.

Please note that hand washing requires compliance with certain rules:

  • it is necessary to observe the temperature regime of water. It should not be higher than 40 degrees;
  • for washing, we use only regular or liquid soap. It should be colorless;
  • the use of various gels and washing powders is strictly prohibited;
  • rinse the latex pillow in clean water and in several approaches until the soap is completely removed;
  • pressing it is not recommended water should be allowed to drain naturally;
  • you can not dry the pillows on the battery, and at high temperatures. You have to avoid direct sunlight and ultraviolet light.

How to clean a latex pillow

In order to clean the surface from noticeable traces of dirt or stains, you need to use a brush with soft bristles or a soft sponge. Do not expose the product to strong mechanical loads, this may negatively affect its appearance.

How to glue a latex pillow

If the latex pillow is worn out or there are holes on it for some reason, do not rush to throw it away. It can be restored in a fairly simple way. To do this, you must purchase foam or furniture glue and glue it at the point of rupture.

It should be concluded that the latex pillow is very convenient to use and does not require special care. You can wash, clean and glue it at home, without making much effort. With the right care methods, it will serve you for a very long time.

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