How to wash a blanket


How to wash a blanket in the washing machine and by hand

Blankets, due to their current variety, need an individual approach.

Therefore, it is necessary to study all the features and characteristics before washing.

You can wash the blanket according to the instructions
How do I wash a blanket? First, you should find the label that is most often sewn on the inside, and determine the main conditions for the icons. After all, you can find all the necessary information on it.

It often indicates how the product can be washed: manually or with a washing machine.

In addition, it is indicated whether the thing can be ironed or pressed, what it consists of, what water temperature should be chosen.

Some people even use these markings when making a purchase. This helps to protect yourself from unforeseen situations in the Laundry in the future.

How to wash a duvet

Washing the duvet. To wash a duvet, you need to remember how you wash your down jacket. For proper washing, it is enough to use an automatic machine, choosing a temperature regime of no more than 40 degrees.

In order not to damage the internal contents when pressing, it is enough to use tennis balls. In conclusion, the drying process of the down product is also important.

After all, in order for the fluff not to crumple and take a different form, it is worth hanging it in a horizontal position. Be sure to periodically beat the fluff.

How to wash a flannelette blanket

Washing a flannelette blanket. If there is a baby in the house, then, of course, you can find in the presence of each hostess a flannelette product. Its cleanliness, especially for a child, is not only necessary, it is mandatory.

This blanket can also be washed using a machine machine. The only thing that needs to be clarified is the percentage of wool that is included in the blanket. Based on this figure, you should choose the washing mode. For example, with a high percentage of the component, a delicate mode is suitable.

The water temperature, as well as with down-no more than 40 degrees. Regarding the detergent, it is recommended to use either baby powder or powder for colored clothing.

To keep the flannelette soft and tender, you should use a rinse aid in the wash. The minimum spin mode is selected.

If your baby has time to “play pranks” on this blanket, then the best option before washing is soaking the product with soapy water. You can also use a stain remover, if necessary.

How to wash a quilt

Washing a cotton product. As for the quilt, washing in the machine is contraindicated, even if it is small. The fact is that it has one not very good property, the filler can get lost in lumps.

This will not only ruin the appearance of the product in the future, but also lead to inconvenience in everyday use. For this very reason, it is also not recommended to soak all the fabric at once when hand washing.

It is worth noting that there are a number of problems with proper drying. So what should I do? Is there no way to deal with it?

Of course, you can, but very carefully. In order to wash the contaminated places, you need to carefully RUB them with soap or powder. In this case, you must try to wet only the first layer. If you need to remove persistent stains, it is best to use a stain remover and a hard brush.

To get rid of excess moisture, you should use a sponge made of foam, it absorbs everything quickly and without any problems.

You can dry the blanket in the sun or near the battery, putting the product evenly. You must also beat it several times.

How to wash a wool blanket

Wool blanket washing. In order to perform the correct washing of wool blankets or camel products, you must adhere to a number of conditions. Namely, do not pour hot water, do not twist or RUB.

What then can be done? Most often, it is resorted to dry cleaning. To do this, a powder or gel for woolen clothing is diluted in a basin of cold water and whipped until foam appears. It is the foam that needs to be carefully applied to the product with a brush.

But what if the blanket is very dirty and this option is not suitable for washing? You can put it in a large basin of water or a bath, where the necessary detergents have already been diluted.

At the same time, you can not wash anything, for proper washing it is enough to get the thing a couple of times and dip it back into the water.

To ensure that the detergent does not remain on the blanket, you need to carefully perform the rinsing procedure.

A small woolen thing can be washed in the machine, but it is necessary to use a cover so that the filter of the washing machine is not filled with the component of the blanket, as for the choice of mode — it is only delicate, the use of spin is extremely undesirable.

This product should be dried in a horizontal position, away from sunlight.

How to wash a camel blanket

The camel blanket can also be considered capricious. It is best to wash such a product only by hand, while using barely warm water with a powder for woolen things. If the item is heavily contaminated, it is worth leaving it in the water for a few hours.

After all this is drained, and the product is left to “come out” extra water. It is necessary to carefully perform the spin, while absolutely not using twisting. Hang a blanket to dry so that it does not bend in half!

But the best modern blanket is made of bamboo. Wash as much as you want in the washing machine!

How to wash a silk blanket

Washing a silk blanket. It is quite dangerous to wash a silk product, because it can lose its structure and become lumpy.

Therefore, it is best if you notice any contamination or stain on your blanket, treat only this place to avoid spoiling things.

If there is a zipper on the side of the blanket, it is recommended to turn the product inside out before washing and carefully remove the fibers. If this is possible, it will be easy to wash the surface.

How to wash a bamboo blanket

How to wash a bamboo blanket? In contrast to all the above options, a blanket made of bamboo filler is not so capricious and allows each hostess to choose the washing option that is more convenient for her.

Whether it’s hand washing or using a washing machine. But, it is worth remembering that strongly hot water still can not be used.

The optimal option is considered to be the water temperature up to 30 degrees. Push-UPS should be performed carefully, so as not to damage the structure of the contents, and therefore, when hand washing – do not need to Unscrew the product.

When using the machine – you can not select the spin more than 600 rpm. To properly dry the blanket, it is enough to place it vertically away from direct sunlight.

How to wash a synthetic blanket

Washing blankets made of synthetic fillers. Products that have a filler in their composition, in the form of a sintepon (it is also possible to use a hollofayber) can be washed in a machine at a temperature of up to 40 degrees.

At the same time, make sure that the blanket is located freely, otherwise there will be a need for repeated washing. If the product is large, it is better to wash it in the bathroom manually. When spinning, you can use twisting, in the washing machine-you can choose up to 800 turns.

To dry the synthetic blanket well, you need to shake it several times, this will help to straighten the filler and hang it vertically.

How to wash a different type of blanket by hand and in a washing machine, we told you. There may be a situation when the blanket is so large that it is not possible to fit in the washing machine or bathroom,then you can go to the Laundromat.

There may also be a situation when your favorite blanket has a spot that you just can’t remove yourself.

In this case, a more suitable option is to choose dry cleaning. It is there that your things will be treated with an individual approach and will not only be able to get rid of pollution, but also return a beautiful view.


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