How to choose a pillow

Selection by purpose

Pillows differ in shape and functional qualities depending on what they are intended for.

For sleep

Such pillows are necessary for us in order to maintain the head and neck spine in a comfortable position during rest. They can be of classic shape (square or rectangular), and specific with special recesses for the head and neck support rollers (anatomical and orthopedic pillows).

Choose a pillow to sleep, taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of each family member:

– People suffering from allergies or asthmatics are contraindicated pillows with natural fillers of animal origin (feather, wool);

– If you are concerned about rheumatic diseases, then a pillow stuffed with sheep or camel hair is perfect for you (in the absence of allergies);

– It is best for young children to choose a hygienic filler made of natural, hypoallergenic materials with good breathability and antibacterial properties (bamboo, eucalyptus, natural latex, hollow fiber);

– People with osteochondrosis and other problems of the musculoskeletal system will help pillows with filler that has orthopedic properties (latex, memory foam, buckwheat husk, etc. );

– In case of stress and nervous overloads a quiet sleep will be provided by pillows with additives of granules with plant extracts or additional pillows with medicinal herbs;

– People who are prone to excessive sweating may experience discomfort on latex pillows;

– In the absence of health problems, you will fit a pillow with any filler, the quality of which will be preferable for you.

Non-standard application:

Back cushions are usually small in shape and flat. They are placed for convenience between the back of the sitting and the back of the chair.
Foot pillows will relieve fatigue and help reduce swelling and pain in varicose veins and joint diseases.
Car pillows are used during trips. The special shape of the product allows you to put it on the neck and thus prevents the appearance of fatigue and relieves tension in the neck-collar zone

Pillows for pregnant women are designed to reduce the load on the lumbar spine of pregnant and nursing mothers during rest and feeding. Available in the form of a roller, C-shaped, U-shaped configuration, etc. recently become popular pillows-transformers: the product can be converted into the most convenient model for you. They are filled with Styrofoam balls or hollow fiber.


These products are used for interior decoration and can have a different shape depending on the imagination of the designer. Stuffing for them, as a rule, use inexpensive (sintepon, hollow fiber).



What to pay attention to when choosing?

To choose the perfect pillow, it will not be enough to take into account the quality characteristics of its stuffing. The height and rigidity of this accessory play an important role in what you feel when you Wake up in the morning.

The height of the pillow should be approximately equal to the width of the shoulder of the person sleeping on it (on average, 10-15 cm). If the wrong choice may cause a headache or pain in the neck due to a violation of circulation krzhestkost pillows matter depending on the position in which you prefer to rest. Soft pillows are good for those who like to sleep on their stomach. People who prefer to rest on the back, will feel good on the product of medium hardness.


If you are used to sleeping on your side or have problems with your spine, a stiffer padding will do.

It is worth paying attention to the material from which the cover is sewn: it is better if it is a dense natural fabric (teak, calico, jacquard), microfiber is also popular. The purpose of the cover is to securely hold the filler inside the pillow, so check the quality of sewing: nothing should fall out of it or get out, and the stitches should be smooth and strong.



A new pillow should not emit any unpleasant “chemical” odors, if its filler meets all the quality criteria. The exception is latex and memory foam: these materials have a specific smell, which soon erodes.

Before buying, carefully read the certificate of quality, the life of the product and the features of care for it.


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