Down pillows

Down pillows: choosing and caring for fluff and feather pillows

Pillows filled with fluff-feather belong to the classics. They will never lose their relevance, as they have a lot of advantages: naturalness, softness, durability. Modern manufacturers for a more comfortable sleep include fluff and soft feathers of the highest quality.

Pros and cons of feather pillows

The main advantages of such pillows include:
– naturalness and excellent ventilation qualities;
– high thermal insulation properties. On such products it is warm and cozy to sleep in the winter, and it is not at all hot to rest in the summer;
– hygroscopicity. They absorb the moisture that is released by the human body during rest;
– soft and light. They are nice and comfortable to sleep at any time of the year;
– wear resistance and durability (with proper operation and care);
– elasticity and firmness. They quickly restore their shape and do not deform during operation;
– affordable price. Such products have excellent qualities that significantly exceed their cost;
– Pros and cons of feather pillows.

However they have some drawbacks:
some people in the process of using products made of feather and down show allergic reactions (due to the accumulation of dust mites);
a short period of operation;
the complexity of care.
Manufacturers carry out anti-tick processing products that protect products from the appearance of dust mites.

The ratio of fluff and feather in the pillow, the composition

All feather pillows are divided into categories, depending on the percentage of down and feather:
– 90 down 10 feather. These are premium down products. They are the softest and most gentle;
– 70 / 30. Products belonging to the highest category. Not too soft and elastic, but neither flat nor hard;
– 50 / 50. Classic down and feather products of the first category;
– 30 / 70. Feather products consist mainly of feathers (more than 50%). Are rigid, flat, short-lived;
– 10% down 90% feather. These are feather pillows that only look soft and pleasant. But in the process of operation, they quickly lose their shape, and through the thimble often feel the sharp ends of the feathers.The ratio of down and feather in the pillow.


On the Internet, you can order a pillow of any shape and size. Their standard width and length varies from 30 to 80 cm. it is Important to pay attention to the height of the product.

The most common products are considered dimensions (in cm):
– 40×40. Refer to decorative pillows, and are intended for interior decoration;
– 40×60. They correspond to the size of a child’s bed. Ideal for round beds;
– 50×70. A popular standard size that most often comes with bed linen;
– 60×60. Ideal for an adult, providing maximum comfort during sleep. Suitable for single beds;
– 68×68. They are in demand due to their compact size and ease of use;
– 70×70. Standard option, suitable for single and double beds. They are the easiest to find on sale pillowcases.

For those who prefer to sleep on their back, it is recommended to choose high pillows. And for people who prefer to rest on their stomach or on their side, low models are suitable.

How to choose a down and feather pillow

To choose the right pillow you need:
– pay attention to the tag, which indicates the ratio of down and feather, and their variety;
– smell the product. Low-quality goods emit an unpleasant specific smell;
– mash the product in your hands.Quality products will not rustle, rustle or creak;

– check the seams on the pillow-case. They should be smooth and neat. This will ensure that the fluff will not break through the seams;

– pay attention to the dimensions and height of the product;

– check the elasticity of the pillow.

The best models are considered to have an average degree of elasticity. The coefficient of elasticity is affected by the ratio of the filler. The more feathers in the product, the harder it will be;
pay attention to the cost. A well-established manufacturer will not sell products at too low a price.
A good down-feather pillow, if you mash it with your hands, quickly restores its original shape.

How to choose a down and feather pillow 

Which pillow is better fluff or fluff-feather.
Most often, manufacturers in the manufacture of their products use the plumage of geese and ducks. Since they are elastic, elastic and have high thermal insulation qualities.

The best are considered sleeping accessories filled with goose down and feather.
The advantages of down models include:
ability to retain heat;
comfortable and pleasant sleep;
shape retention.

Down-feather pillow has the following characteristics:
thermal insulation;
low weight;
medium degree of elasticity.


If we compare these products and try to figure out what is better than down or feather, we can highlight the following:
– down and feather products are more common. Their softness depends on the ratio of feather and down. If the pillow is dominated by more down, the product is soft, feathers make it more rigid;
– models with a small pen are more wear-resistant. They keep their shape well and are durable. Pillows, which are mostly made up of feathers, are stiff and elastic;
– down products are in demand due to their positive qualities: rapid restoration of the original shape, breathability, softness. But when wet, the product dries for a very long time.

To say definitely which pillow is better down or down-feather is quite difficult. Here everything depends on its quality and personal preferences of buyers. For those who prefer to sleep on a hard pillow, more suitable down and feather products. And for those who prefer soft bedding, you should choose down products.

How often to change the down-feather pillows 

According to the manufacturers ‘ recommendations, the service life of a feather pillow is 5 -7 years. After that, the product must be replaced with a new one. Even the most careful restoration of a down pillow will not be able to completely destroy the dust mites that will get into it for a long period of operation. And the filler itself will lose its original qualities in 7 years: the down will thin out, and the feathers will break.

If waking up in the morning you feel a headache, the pillow has stopped keeping its shape, then it’s time to replace it with a new one.
Allergy to down-feather pillows, manifestations
Pillows with natural fillers can cause allergic reactions in consumers, which are manifested:
runny nose and sneezing;
redness of the skin, eyes.

At the first manifestations of allergic reactions, which are subject to not only children but also adults, such a pillow for sleeping should be replaced with a model with a synthetic filler.

Top 5 down and feather pillows

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