How to wash a pillow


Let’s look at the questions about how to care for pillows made of down and feather.

Cleaning down and feather pillows. 

Down-feather pillows are quite whimsical in care:
once a year, the products need to be washed. Since the naturalness of the filler attracts dust, dirt and absorbs foreign odors;
once a month it is recommended to knock out the product from the dust;
every summer, the products, regardless of whether they smell or not, are ventilated in the fresh air under direct sunlight.

Can I wash a feather pillow

If desired, the feather pillow can be washed at home. Only this process is quite complex and long.

When self-washing products in the machine machine or manually should carefully examine the label. Usually, manufacturers provide information about whether it is possible to wash products, and give useful recommendations as well as under what conditions should be washed.
How to wash a feather pillow
Having made the decision to wash the pillow in the machine machine, you must:
Check the strength of the pillowcase. There should be no holes in it. Otherwise, feathers and down will be clogged all the filters of the washing machine.
Together with the pillow put in the drum special balls for washing. They will prevent knocking down the fluff into lumps.
Set a delicate washing mode with a water temperature not higher than 40 degrees.
The extraction and drying mode when washing it is better to disable or select the spin at the minimum rpm.

Thoroughly dry the product in the open air in a horizontal position. At the same time, it is periodically turned from one side to the other.
If the down-feather pillow is not dried to the end, it will begin to emit an unpleasant smell.


It is best to take down pillows to the dry cleaners. It will restore the original quality of bedding at quite affordable prices. At the same time:
The contents of the pillowcase will be placed in a special device.
Clean up the garbage.
Exposed to an aerial trap.
They will carry out disinfection under ultraviolet rays.
Replace the spoiled down and feathers with new ones.
Put the filler in a new pillowcase.
As a result, the consumer will receive almost new bedding, which will serve him for more than one year.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that despite the fact that it is not so easy to choose a quality down-feather pillow, and care for it requires a lot of effort, they are still in great demand among consumers, and occupy a leading position  in sales.


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