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Many people think that bolster is a stylish piece of bedroom or living room decor, but this is not quite true. This item not only decorates the room, but also allows you to make a dream more qualitative and correct. Previously, these pillows were used as side supports for a bed or sofa of the old type. But now such items are not used to decorate the premises, but in order to ensure a good sleep. It’s no secret that a regular pillow can cause neck and spine pain, so bolster is the perfect solution for a healthy sleep.


Orthopedic bolster can be placed under the head, neck or even under the lower back. These are products that are perfect for sleeping. They allow you to remove the load from the spine while you are lying down. In this case, rest not only you and your body, but also your spine.

A feature of the operation of such pillows is that at first they are very uncomfortable to sleep on, many complain of neck pain and restless sleep. But after a week, as soon as a person adapts, he will feel very different. So, the pain in the neck and back will be significantly reduced, and sleep will become more calm. This pillow is even able to facilitate falling asleep, because the body relaxes as much as possible.
The cylindrical pillow is much better than its usual feather counterparts. The latter usually have too low a height, so sleeping on them causes back pain. Since the neck and spine are not positioned correctly at this time, frequent headaches may be observed. The cylindrical pillow minimizes deflection and thus straightens the thoracic spine. Thus, the entire spine is in a natural position.

Also, many people use cushion cushions for sitting. They are able to restore muscle tone, as well as help in the fight against scoliosis. These rollers are more rigid. They allow you to give the back the desired bend in the lumbar region. bolster is very popular among those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. This way you can easily relieve tension from the neck and reduce back pain.

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There are two large bolster groups:


They are the subject of decor, such products are selected for interior design. Usually they decorate the sofa or bed. As a rule, they are placed on the edges instead of armrests. Some even use them as a footrest.

There are also decorative rollers and, which are usually put on the sofa under the back. These products will allow you to sit more comfortably on the couch while you watch TV or read, and thus remove the load from your back.
They can be placed under the head, placed on the back of the sofa, under the back, under the arm. This is a very practical thing that can transform any interior. It can make an interesting ensemble with ordinary sofa cushions.


Such products can be called therapeutic. They are necessary for those who have problems with the spine, as well as for everyone who cares about health and wants to prevent the appearance of these problems. They are selected individually depending on the structure of the body. Such products are most often used for sleep, because they are able to ensure the correct position of the neck.


Bolster can be of different sizes. And the size you should choose based on individual indicators. So, the diameter should be the length of the distance from the chin to the shoulders and plus 2 cm. the wider your shoulders, the greater the radius of such a product should be. Usually high rollers are quite difficult to find, they are presented in medium-sized sizes.

The average height of this product is about 10 cm and is the most versatile. This can be a long or short pillow. The length parameters do not affect its functional qualities in any way, unlike the radius and width. If you have a soft mattress at home, the roller should be higher than the standard size, this also needs to be taken into account.

As for the width of such a product, in this case, the shoulders are measured. The size of the pillow on this indicator should be shoulder width plus 7 cm. there are also narrow and orthopedic pillows-rollers, they are intended only for medical purposes. They are perfect for those who have osteochondrosis.

The size of such a product should also depend on the purpose for which you purchase it. The size of the decorative product can be any, in this case you need to rely only on the parameters of the sofa and interior design.

Orthopedic models for sleep in size should be selected only based on your own measurements.


The most practical products are made of latex and polyurethane foam. They are very easy to care for. When washing this product will not change its shape. The most impractical are the products made of polyester, because they have a low rate of water absorption. For such a pillow, it is better to buy a separate pillowcase made of natural material.
Also, you can buy a decorative cover for any pillow. This bolster will not only be a useful thing to sleep, but also a stylish piece of furniture. At night it can be removed, replacing the pillowcase. Most often, the outer coating of such a pillow is textile.

Very beautiful look such products in the style of patchwork. Pillow case in this case is collected from small colored pieces of fabric. This is a very bright and stylish solution. You can also buy a cover with embroidery or lace. If you are interested in a decorative roller, it must have a removable cover that you can wash. Therefore, such a case must have a zipper. As for orthopedic models for sleep, it should have a removable pillowcase without unnecessary details, made of natural breathable materials.


Most often, these pillows are filled with polyurethane foam. This material does not provoke the appearance of dust mites. In addition, it is not a dust collector. This material can perfectly adapt to the shape of the head and neck and is quite elastic, it does not get wrinkled at all. After you Wake up and lift your head, there will be no dent on it.

Very inexpensive are models with polyester padding. This material includes a huge number of small balls in its structure. That is why it easily takes the desired shape. But such a pillow can miss, so it will need to be whipped often.
Oddly enough, such a pillow can be stuffed even with herbs or buckwheat husks. Of herbs can have a calming effect and provide a good night’s sleep. Buckwheat hulls are also considered to be very useful. This filler is completely hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for asthmatics.

This filling will be quite hard, but it will be able to remember the shape of your neck and head. The memory effect is a huge advantage of this filler. In addition, buckwheat husk is able to provide micro-massage of the face. This is a very useful function for the health of such a pillow.

Some manufacturers make pillows with a cooling filler. This product allows you to relax after a working day. Some people also use foam filler, but it is not very useful for health.

How to choose?

When choosing a cushion-roller, it is important to carry out measurements correctly. Your parameters must be taken into account if you purchase such a product for orthopedic purposes. Also, you should consider your weight, as well as the stiffness of the mattress and bed. When choosing a pillow, do not forget that it should not be felt, so touch it, and it is better to lie down on it before buying. These rollers should not be soft, they usually have a fairly dense and even hard filling.

Very convenient are models with memory effect, because they are able to adapt individually to you. Very practical and useful are considered pillows with perforation. They are completely breathable and allow you to control heat transfer.

It is also important for the child to choose the right roller. It is better if it is a product with two sides on the edges. This will ensure proper support of the baby’s head and spine at the same level.

Choosing a pillow, it is important to rely on personal feelings. From too inconvenient models should be abandoned immediately.

Such pillows will be a wonderful birthday present. And also with their help you can have a fun party. Party ideas here:

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Bamboo Navy Round Cervical Roll Cylinder Bolster Pillow with Removable Washable Cover, Ergonomically Designed for Head, Neck, Back, and Legs || Ideal for Spine and Neck Support

Cushy Form Neck Roll Pillow for Sleeping- Cylinder Round Cushion for Cervical Support – Memory Foam Bolster for Neck, Spine, Lumbar Traction, Spondylosis Pain Relief with Washable Bamboo Cover

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