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Active travelers have long appreciated the benefits of a special mobile pillow. Long trips are very exhausting. But how to” comfortably ” relax or even take a NAP in a sitting position? Often, the seats of aircraft and vehicles are not able to provide adequate comfort. Travel pillows, presented in the market of travel accessories in a large range — a great help for such situations.

The essence of pillows is the ability to conveniently position the head so that the muscles of the neck and collar area are relaxed. The main purpose of pillows is to become an obstacle to excessive tilting of the head back and its strong inclination to the side.
The travel neck pillow allows you to relax and even sleep in a variety of circumstances and places, such as:
waiting room;
passenger seat of the car;
bus seat;
airplane seat;
train and train.

Varieties of road pillows

Travel pillows are divided into two main types: inflatable and filled.


Inflatable models are practical in the sense that they take up very little space in the Luggage. The texture is reminiscent of velour, which is very pleasant. The disadvantage can be considered insufficient orthopedic properties (if you compare inflatable and models with fillers), as well as the presence of glued seams that can be felt (RUB, scratch).

With a filler

The range of travel pillows with filler is not small. In this line you can find products with different levels of rigidity (unlike inflatable counterparts). How nice it is to relax on a pillow with a memory for travel, the filler of which was originally developed to increase the comfort of the teams of spaceships.
In addition to The already mentioned “space” memory foam, the following materials are used as fillers:
hollow fiber;
polystyrene balls.
latex foam.
The drawback of models with a filler can only be considered their size. They do not fold, do not deflate and take up additional space in the Luggage.


Road pillows vary greatly in shape.

Bagel or collar

One of the most popular models. Prevents tilting the head back and excessive “roll” to the side. This option will especially appeal to those who in the prone position prefer to sleep on their side. There is no need to fix the product to the chair.
Some horseshoe-shaped models are equipped with a special rim, which even more accurately fixes the position of the head, as if adjusting to the anatomical features of a person.


Almost universal. Usually square in shape. Attach to a chair or headrest. This option will be appreciated by fans of sleep on the back (in the supine position). This pillow can also be conveniently placed under your feet or under the waist.

The retainer for the body

This option is made by the type of half of the rocker. In addition to fixing the neck and head, the retainer supports the back to some extent. It is considered one of the best pillows for traveling in an airplane


ring bearer pillow

It consists of several parts that are formed into a ring shape. The special design allows you to give the product a different position. Alternatively, the pillow can be folded in half, giving it the shape of a bagel.

Also on sale you can find pillows of ergonomic shape (such as “bone”), pillows-scarves with internal support system and quite unusual pillows-hats and pillows-suits.

Additional function

In addition to equipping products with basic functions (shape, desired stiffness, pleasant coating material), some models can be equipped with additional options and features, such as:
built-in player;
phone pocket;
massage effect;
replacement cover-pillowcase;
special ties that allow you to fix the neck more tightly;
additional collar on the pillow.

Cover material

Cover materials: fleece, cotton, polyester, spandex, flock, nylon, satin, linen. Since the accessory is directly in contact with the body, pay special attention to the type of material. Very cheap synthetic fabrics can cause itching or increased sweating. Be sure to try on a pillow, listening to the tactile sensations. It should be both comfortable and pleasant.

Children’s travel pillows

Long journeys and flights are especially tiring for children. That is why buying a baby pillow should be taken care of first. By and large, the children’s product does not differ from the adult model in anything (except the sizes). An exception may be an addition in the form of large rollers.
Another type of road cushion for kids is a model in the form of a helmet. This option protects the head. This product can be worn even very small (up to 3 years).
Baby pillows are fixed more tightly. This provides additional safety during sharp turns and vehicle braking.
To make it interesting for children to use accessories, they have bright colors, prints, original design.

How to use the accessory correctly

In this matter, everything depends on the design and purpose. If it is a horseshoe or pillow collar for travel, it should be worn around the neck. In addition to the standard location, the pillow can be worn in the opposite way (in front), which will provide support for the chin. Another option is to turn it sideways. This will not interfere with those who sit in the chair at the side.
Square and rectangular pillows with mounting bands are attached to the headrest. As already mentioned, this model can be conveniently placed under the lower back for additional support.
If we are talking about a transformer pillow, it all depends on Your needs at the moment. Due to the design features, the pillow can be used in various ways.

Top 5 travel pillows

MLVOC Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Comfortable & Breathable Cover, Machine Washable, Airplane Travel Kit with 3D Contoured Eye Masks, Earplugs, and Luxury Bag, Standard, Gray

Phixnozar Memory Foam Travel Pillow –Neck Pillow, Ideal for Airplane Travel – Comfortable and Lightweight – Improved Support Design – Machine Washable Cover – Must-Have Travel Accessories

HOKEKI Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow, Comfortable & Lightweight , Breathable and Improved Support Design, for Airplanes and Travel

Cloudz Microbead Travel Neck Pillow – Black

Sierra Concepts Travel Pillow – 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillows for Airplane, Traveling, Car, Sleeping, Home – Velour Fabric with Side Pocket, DX100 Series Blue

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