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With the appearance of a newborn in Your life and in the house, a lot of things change: the way of life, the daily routine, the situation. We are sure that you have already taken care of the crib and stroller in advance. And here about pillows, probably, even did not remember, though they, just, in infancy are used much more, than at us, adults.

Basic type:

The pillow “Banana” or” Bagel ” serves for convenience of feeding. When feeding, it is important to attach the baby to the breast so that it is comfortable for both You and him. You put a pillow on your lap, or as you prefer, you put the child, and it fixes the position of Your child. These pillows are also used to form a soft cradle for the baby, it protects against unwanted injuries.
For bathing (inflatable or waterproof material, in the form of a circle with a hole for the baby’s head)
Pillow-headrest, with a slope of 15 degrees, the entire width of the crib. It is sometimes placed directly under the mattress or sheet. The upper part of the child’s body is raised, which helps with frequent regurgitation.
The designer is a thin pillow with four rollers (for fixing on the back or on the side, including outside the crib). Prevents the child from slipping if the mother is turned away.
“Butterfly” (shaped like butterfly wings with a recess under the head of a newborn). Forms a symmetrical oval shape of the head.
Children’s pillow with rollers, designed for different age intervals.
Pillows can really be several and each with a specific purpose.

When can a toddler sleep with a pillow?

Your long-awaited baby was born healthy and there are no abnormalities in the development, then in the first days and even months, it is excellent without a pillow. As a last resort, You can always create an improvised diaper by folding it in four.

The formation of spinal bends is directly related to the motor activity of the newborn. The neck bend (lordosis) is formed when the child learns to hold the head from the position of lying on his stomach. Thoracic and lumbar bends even later, artificial acceleration of the process is not necessary.

If the baby for some reason was born weak or premature, it requires additional support of the cervical spine, and possibly the entire upper body. If you began to notice that the baby constantly turns his head in the same direction, throws it back, you probably need some kind of fixation in the right position. Sometimes the child just whimpers, wakes up quickly, does not want to sleep on a flat hard surface of the mattress. In these cases, the question arises that the little one needs to put something under his head for comfort and support, a diaper can not do here. Use for babies Your shapeless down or even orthopedic pillows in any case can not be! Options for newborns are flatter and more porous. Even if it turns over and buries its nose in the surface of the product, it does not threaten health and life, as the fabric “breathes”, passes air. To avoid misunderstandings and resolve doubts about (and whether you thought that the baby is something wrong), we strongly recommend that you share your observations and suspicions with a pediatrician or neurologist. Only doctors will give you the right answer when to put the baby on the pillow, because the use of orthopedic pillows for newborns depends on the health and behavior of the latter.

Modern orthopedic pillows for newborns take into account the structure of the head and body of the baby, so they are suitable for all children. They will not cause any harm to the baby’s health, but on the contrary serve as a prevention in the development of the torticollis, help to breathe easier. A special pillow begins to be placed after the child independently holds the head, about a month. Accurate information on the question of when you can sleep on a pillow for a newborn, give podiatrists. Based on practice and taking into account their point of view, it is absolutely safe to use a children’s orthopedic pillow from the 28th day of the child’s life. And parents should not worry too much about this.

As for cases when the baby needs correction of deviations and defects in development, a special orthopedic pillow is appointed immediately during the examination and reception at the doctor.

In most cases, the butterfly pillow is used for newborns. How to use it to get a positive effect? How to put a pillow under your head? We explain: a smaller roller is placed under the baby’s neck in the supine position, and the second roller is useful when he sleeps on his side. The head is located in the recess in the middle. With an increase in the child’s growth, it is possible to switch to a large roller for falling asleep on the back, this does not contradict the indications and rules, since the pillow is designed for children up to 2 years of age.

A standard children’s orthopedic pillow will need a baby only from one and a half to two years, when looking at the parents, he will want to imitate everything You do and how. By this time, the formation of the main curves of the spine will be completed, the shoulders will become wider, and support of the neck will be required during sleep and rest.

We remind you that the priority when choosing a pillow in this case will be the size, materials (including filler), and then the shape, color, and so on.

Pay attention to:

1. The correct size of the product.
For children 2-4 years old, the optimal size is 40 X 60 cm, no more need. The pillow is rectangular, and only the head is located on it, but not the shoulders, because otherwise the meaning of supporting the neck is lost.

The height of the roller: up to 1.5 years-2.5 cm; up to 3 years – 3 cm; from 3 to 7 years-5 cm; from 7 years-6-8 cm.

2. The material of the filler and cover (pillowcases).

Should be characterized by good air exchange (“breathing” tissue) and be hypoallergenic. This will save the child from sweating, will not provoke an attack of Allergy or asthma, and in case of frequent falling asleep face down will save from suffocation.

3. Elasticity.

When pressing on the surface of the pillow is compressed, and then easily returns to the previous (original) state.

Choosing a pillow for a child is a serious issue and you need to approach it with responsibility. Orthopedic pillow provides the correct position of the head during sleep, maintains the normal position of the neck in relation to the spine, correctly distributes the load, and, therefore, contributes to the prevention of violations of cerebral circulation.
Reviews are always ambiguous, as they say “how many people-so many opinions”, but only You are responsible for the health of the child. Therefore, watch your baby, listen to your heart, consult with doctors, see the child’s reaction to the new acquisition and you will understand: you need it or not.
In a dream, children grow – so let them grow healthy!

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